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Our sales tax consultants are experts in Sales Tax Compliance in all states. Our team provides sales tax registration and sales tax return filing to comply with states filing deadlines. We also process tax payments to the jurisdictions, and resolve notices.
In our sales tax return filing process, there is almost nothing our client needs to do except to send us a monthly Excel sales report, and to fund the tax payment. We handle multistates filing, payment processing, states notices, and provide a PDF copy of sales tax returns to our client. In contrast with other providers, there is no need for any tax software licensing, software integration, IT support and maintenance, employee training, or learning curve.

Our clients include privately-held and publicly-traded companies looking for sales tax compliance. Many companies utilize ERP accounting systems that can export a sales report. We only require a simple excel sales report whether you are using JD Edwards, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Quickbooks or other Accounting ERPs.

Why are you looking at sales tax compliance or sales tax return filing software? Your IT department will need to integrate such tax software with your accounting system, and to maintain it. You will experience inevitable outages. If some calculation is wrong in the software, there might be a delay to get answers from the vendor. Instead of paying for sales tax compliance software and also incur hidden costs in mobilizing your IT team, the cost might be lower if your IT developer can add standard features to your current accounting software for sales tax compliance to upload a monthly updated sales tax rates file, and other basic taxability settings. If needed, our sales tax consultant can assist with the design of a custom sales tax compliance system for your ERP.

Why work with us? Because frustrated clients from other providers come to us. We also have no need to lock any client in a long term contract because we're on top of providing excellent sales tax return filing service.
Whether your firm needs to outsource sales tax registration, filing, or need a sales tax consultant, telecom tax, or excise tax, we are the destination.

Get peace of mind when you use States Sales Tax Compliance and Sales Tax Return Filing Services.
sales tax refundWe offer sales tax return filing
sales tax consulting companyWe write payment checks
sales tax firmsWe resolve states notices
sales tax filingWe provide PDF returns

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