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About Us

Our founders are former state sales tax auditors and have worked for multi-billion dollar fortune 500 corporations, Big4 consulting firms, and other entertainment giants. We are one of the few sales tax professional consulting experts who have been on all sides of the sales tax industry; from state government, to BIG 4 consulting, to Major corporations.

Our clients consist of privately-held and publicly-traded companies.

In contrast with other providers, we specialize in sales and use tax and are not distracted in trying to provide A to Z general accounting, tax software or income tax services. We have expertise in multi-states sales & use tax, telecom tax, and other indirect taxation. We have run fortune 500 corporate sales tax departments with responsibility in sales & use, telecom, property tax audits and filing compliance. We architected very efficient methods and processes for multi-state sales & use tax filing. Having been former State Tax Auditors, we are experts in sales tax audits and negotiations.

We are highly technical in the interpretation of sales tax citations and have provided expert case law studies and consultations to defense lawyers to win sales tax disputes court cases against various State governments. With our proven processes, your states sales tax compliance, filing, auditing, tangible property review, nexus or taxability studies are in good hands.

Why work with us?
We have no need to rely on any sales tax software. Most other providers operate rigid third party sales tax filing software without the need to understand if the numbers are right or wrong. We have the expertise to understand the numbers and can even file everything manually without the use of any software platform. We have no need to lock any of our client in long term contract because we're on top of providing excellent service. Other providers lock their clients into long term contracts which usually leads to no incentive to provide great customer service during the contract term.

For these and other reasons, many companies switch from other providers to us. There is no need to go through the frustration with other providers first. Please contact us.   Just ask our many satisfied privately held and publicly traded clients. References available.

We are very skilled and knowledgeable in multistates sales tax registrations, filings, in the statutes and we also know how to manage the strategy and psychology of a tax audit.

Some of the clients who use our services:

Largest video rental chain in USA
Well known Menswear stores since 1926
Amazon FBA Sellers
Many others
Whether your firm needs to outsource your sales tax compliance filing, or need consulting in sales & use tax, telecom tax, or excise tax, we can help you and any small, mid size, to large companies with our sales tax solutions.

Get peace of mind when you use States Sales Tax services.
sales tax refundWe work well with Sales Tax Auditors
sales tax consulting companyWe understand the technicalities
sales tax firmsWe know the importance of timing.
sales tax filingWe file your sales tax returns in 1 or in all jurisdictions.

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