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Did you just receive a sales tax audit letter from the state? Click Sales Tax Audit Help.

We are former State Sales Tax Auditors. In addition to our Sales Tax Compliance preparation and filing services, we are professional sales tax consultants. We have strong experience in working with sales tax auditors and audits in all states. We also work with cities, counties and other jurisdictions. If you need sales tax answers, Our sales tax consultant services is for you. Please Contact our sales tax services.
sales tax services
Are you faced with sales tax audits? Contact a Sales Tax consultant with many years of experience as state tax auditor in Big 4 accounting firms and as sales tax department management at billion dollar corporations. Our sales tax services include sales tax audit assistance, sales tax defense, and general sales taxes consulting help.

Is it Taxable or not Taxable?

Many companies struggle with determining if their product or service falls within a certain State's definition of taxability. We have strong experience in helping you determine whether or not your specific item is taxable for sales, use, and/or telecom tax. We provide citations from State Sales Tax Law references in our analysis and study. Find out by contacting for sales tax services.

State Sales Tax Nexus Determination

Nexus can sometimes be difficult to determine, especially when there are active court cases to assess whether or not a certain company has Nexus in a particular State. Depending on the nature of your product, service, or distribution arrangements, Sales Tax Nexus may apply to your business even when you were certain it did not. We can provide sales tax services to help you determine your sales tax nexus status. Contact us now to discuss with a sales tax consultant.

Case Law determination

In an effort to increase State Sales tax revenue, many States and jurisdictions are creating new ways of taxing businesses. Our sale tax consultants follow outcomes of law suits and court cases applicable to State Sales Tax. We provide research assistance and sales tax consulting on various complex products and service on sales & use tax issues.

State Sales Tax Refund

Are you sure the sales tax dollars you have paid to the State included only taxable items? We can review the sales tax compliance and the nature of your business to see if a refund is due. A sales tax refund check may be available for you. Please consult with our sales tax professional.

State Sales Audit

Being sales tax auditors ourselves, we know the methodology used by state sales & use tax auditors in assessing the sales tax liability that your business may owed to the State. There are numerous factors that come into play depending on which auditor performed the audit. We can defend you during a sales tax audit and review the sales tax audit assessment methods for flaws that may lead to a sales tax refund for your business. Please inquire for sales tax services.

Other Sales Tax Questions

Sales Tax compliance or consulting issues can seem intimidating if you are not an expert with strong experience in the Sales and Use Tax discipline. Even many lawyers do not have experience in basic accounting or as State tax auditor, Big 3 accounting consultants, nor have they ever worked in the tax department of major corporations. We have the strong experience and knowledge to help your business run smoothly without the high cost of the Big4 accounting consulting firms. Please contact a sales tax consultant for more sales tax information.