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FBA Sales Tax for International Fulfillment By Amazon Sellers

FBA Sales Tax For International Nonresidents, Non-USA, Foreign or Overseas FBA Sellers:
International nonresident FBA Sellers in foreign countries outside of the USA also are required to register and file state sales tax returns. It makes no difference whether you or your company is in Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, or other countries. If you sell on Amazon as an International FBA seller, the utilized Amazon warehouse locations create nexus for you in the states. We support FBA sellers from all countries including Norway, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, England, and all other countries or nations for registering and filing states sales tax returns.

No State Entity Required:
There is no need to incorporate a new business entity such as a Corporation or LLC in any state such as in Delaware, Nevada, or other states. If you already have established a foreign business outside of the USA, we can register your state sales tax accounts under your international entity name.

IRS EIN (Employer Identification Number):
The Internue Revenue Service issues a Federal Employer Identification Number for each company doing business in USA. Although you do not need to establish an entity in any specific state, it is required for your foreign entity, corporation, LLC, limited partnership or company to obtain an IRS EIN or FEIN. We can register an IRS FEIN or EIN for you.

No USA Bank Account Required:
There is no need to fly or travel to the USA to open a bank account. You can periodically wire the funds to us and we will remit your sales tax to each state.

Direct State Relationship:
Unlike other service providers, we do not rely on any third party software or systems to file sales tax returns. Many other service providers, especially those who offer automation and software, may rely on third party systems which means there can be up to 3 different subcontracted third party independently operated systems in series between you and each state. We work directly with each state.

Strong Sales Tax Experience:
With most other automation service providers, you are likely out of luck on support when there is an Audit due to lack of expertise. You'd only know the real effectiveness of your service provider during a real audit, and discover if you tax was filed correctly or other technical details. But that revelation may not come until after a few years when it is too late. The difference is in choosing between the cheapest automated filing provider versus an experience hands-on sales tax team. Did you know not only the state, but even a city auditor can intiate an audit? We have the expertise to defend against audits. We know what auditors look for and the methods they use, given members of our team were former sales tax auditors. Our strong expertise in developing good audit trails gives you the upper hand when we file your sales tax returns. Just read about some of the high caliber national retailers for whom we provide sales tax outsourcing services..

List of Countries for FBA sales tax:
In addition to the countries mentioned above, overseas foreign FBA sellers or international companies outside of USA may be from UK, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Brazil or other countries.

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