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Our clients include large brick and mortar retailers, ecommerce and internet retailers, Direct sales force companies, Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) sellers, Manufacturers, Distributors, and Service Providers in many different industries. Some of our clients have physical stores in many states, selling in retail, wholesale, and ecommerce. Some clients are a direct sales force with sales representative nearly in every city in the United States. We file sales tax returns everywhere.

We have represented a client in California in the sales tax audit appeals process. We reviewed auditor audit methods and applied our own methods and reasoning to our client's benefit. Despite objections from the auditor and his management, the CA appeals division agreed with us and awarded the entire amount (ten's of thousands) assessed by the auditor back to our client.

Given our strong expertise in sales and use tax, we have no need to use third party filing software and can file returns by hand if needed in the event of any unexpected system failure or delay. We understand all the numbers on the returns. We have full control over our own in-house tools. Given we are not a software company, our clients are those who do not have time to go on the internet to post reviews. When a new client would like to sign up with our sales tax services, we'll be glad to make a few calls for reference permission, and the new client can ask any question to our existing clients regarding our excellent services.
Whether your firm needs to outsource your sales tax returns filing, or need consulting in sales & use tax, or excise tax, we can help any small, mid size, to large companies with our sales tax solutions.

Get peace of mind when you use States Sales Tax services. In contrast with other sales tax providers,
sales tax refundWe file sales tax returns in all states
sales tax consulting companyWe do not use third party filing software
sales tax firmsWe work directly with each jurisdiction.
sales tax filingWe focus on providing excellent service instead of on locking clients into a long term contract.

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