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We are former state sales tax auditors and have significant experience in the accurate and timely sales tax filing service to different States, County, and City jurisdictions. During our sales tax preparation and sales tax return filing, we develop audit trails to get the auditor in and out of future audits quickly. We differentiate ourselves from software suppliers that provide automated filings without the understanding of what a real auditor looks for.

When we prepare and file sales tax returns for your company, we ensure tax payment records have trails that can be quickly validated by an auditor so they do not need to linger on site for a long time looking for inconsistencies. Because we are former state sales tax auditors, we know how to present sales tax information in a simple way to auditors so they can finish quickly. There is no need to educate auditors about tools like SAP, Vertex, ADP, Sabrix, Oracle, Avatax, Avalara, CCH or other proprietary or customized tools that may need an IT team a few days to export data, and then to find out that the output may not reconcile with previously filed tax payments due to natural system or data adjustment updates over the years. Our Sales and Use Tax Compliance filing service helps you avoid issues to focus effort on streamlining company revenues.

Sales Tax Filing Service

We provide excellent multistate sales tax compliance and filing service for you to run your firm without the high costs associated with complex sales tax filing software solutions. Our Sales Tax Return Filing experts are also available for professional sales and telecom tax consulting.

Utilizing updated Sales Tax Forms.
Payment Processing & Check printing
Timely Filing to each Sales Tax jurisdiction
Summary Reports
Resolve Filing notices with the State
Available Sales Tax Consulting

In our multistates sales tax return filing process, there is almost nothing you need to do except to send your monthly report and to fund the tax. There is little to no vendor management required. There is no need for integration, training, learning curve, use of custom tools, software or hardware maintenance, or IT support. Our sales tax preparation services save you a lot of time and costs for the Tax department, Accounts Payable department, and IT department.

Our Advantages

There is significant advantages that our sales tax filing service offers. Some providers can file only in a limited number of states, while we can file sales tax returns in all states. We work DIRECTLY with the states. Many other providers can utilize subvendors with up to 3 systems in series between you and each state. Each system is owned and operated by different companies. It is inevitable that systems fail from time to time. Even the states' systems were down from time to time. Including the state system, it adds up to 4 systems in series to be concerned about. But the deadlines do not change and how would it take to identify the party responsible to fix a problem when it occurs?

We use our own methods and tools and have full control over our processes. When you outsource sales tax return to us, our advantages include

Former sales tax auditors
No software integration needed
We can register you in any state
We make payments for you
We resolve notices for you
Actual return copies (Not simulated return or confirmation number)
We file in all states
Fast response
Phone access to a partner of our firm

To help you with Sales and use Tax Questions in addition to the Sales Tax Filing Service, our professional sales tax consultants are experts in:
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Please contact us for sales tax return filing assistance, help and information. If you sell on Amazon FBA, please read about FBA Sales Tax.