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Sales Tax Refund Appeal

Did you just receive a Notice of Determination letter with a final assessment of sales tax liability?

Do you feel that the sales tax liability is unfairly assessed?

We are former state sales tax auditors with significant experience with sales tax appeal dispute, and protest of Sales Tax Audit Assessments. Our sales tax consultants are experts in recovering sales tax refunds through the appeal process.

Our Sales Tax Refund Recovery Services include:
Interfacing with the state sales & use tax auditor or appeal board
Examine the auditor's audit methodology
Identify areas of weaknesses in auditor's assumptions.
Create and submit documentation to claim sales tax refund.

Often the sales tax auditor's methodology is filled with flaws and incorrect assumnptions. By reviewing each different sales tax audit case, we can identify such flaws or implement better audit methods in a reverse audit. We have recovered significant amount of assessed sales tax liabilities for our clients. Many clients make payment to the State for whatever amount was assessed on a sales tax audit, in order to stop further compounding of interest and penalties. Even if you have already paid your sales tax bill, Time is of the essence because there are deadlines imposed by the State. Please contact us to discuss a reverse sales tax audit and sales tax refund recovery via sales tax appeal process.

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Reverse Sales Tax Audit and Appeal:
Sales Tax Appeal Help
By Former sales tax auditors
Proven sales tax refunds.

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