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Problem: You just realized you have sales tax nexus or presence in certain state(s) in the past. But you have not registered or filed any sales tax returns. If you start registration for a sales tax permit or license now, the state may assess back tax plus penalty and interest. What can you do?

Solution: We can represent you as an anonymous entity and negotiate with the states for sales tax relief. The benefit of sales tax Voluntary Disclosure is generally a reduction in the look back sales tax assessment period. That is, instead of about 8 years, the look back period is usually limited to about 3 years. The penalties are likely waived. You'd pay back tax plus interest limited to about 3 years. The negotiated terms vary depending on the state.

We are former state sales tax auditors and can provide the voluntary disclosure service. There is no need to hire expensive attorneys or lawyers. We can represent and keep your company as an anonymous entity during the negotiations with the state for sales tax relief.

It might take a few months to complete the voluntary disclosure process depending on the state. If you'd like to limit future sales tax assessment risks for your company, please contact us regarding sales tax voluntary disclosure representation service.

To help you with Sales and use Tax Questions in addition to the Voluntary Disclosure Service, our professional sales tax consultants are experts in:

General Sales Tax Issues
Voluntary disclosure
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Filing returns in all states

Please contact us for voluntary disclosure assistance, help and information.